Veggie Parcels

| Mains, Side dishes and Salads

This is such a simple, yet delicious, way to prepare your daily veggies.  It can be done on  a braai/barbeque or in the oven.  Herbs and seasonings can be adjusted to personal preference.Veggie Parcel


  • Any veggies you can find!
  • I like using:  butternut, sweet potato, brinjal/eggplant, baby marrows/courgettes, patty pans, garlic cloves (whole with skin removed), baby tomatoes, pickling onions or normal onions cut into quarters, different peppers, carrots, baby potatoes etc.
  • Dried herbs.  I like using:  thyme, sweet basil, rosemary, parsley, sage, origanum and mixed herbs
  • Coarse salt ( I like Maldon sea salt flakes)
  • Olive oil spray or olive oil
  • Black Pepper

Chop vegetables into small chunks.  The smaller your chunks, the quicker it cooks.  Divide vegetables into individual serving portions and place in foil.  (Each person gets their very own veggie parcel – yay!)  I like to spray with olive oil spray as you use less oil this way, but you can also drizzle olive oil over the vegetables.  Season generously with herbs and salt to taste.  (I go crazy with the herbs, using about 1 flat teaspoon of each herb.  Play around and see how “herby” you like it.)  Give it a good grinding of black pepper and wrap parcel up tightly.  Use more foil if needed to get a good seal.  Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 1-1,5 hours (depending on your oven strength, the size of your veggie chunks and the size of your parcels.)  After 45 minutes, carefully open up the foil and give a carrot a poke.  If tender, it is cooked through, if not, cook longer.  Alternatively, the parcels can also be placed on the barbeque/braai until vegetables have cooked soft.

Serve with salt flakes on the side.

Smells sooo good..
Dr T

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