Cape Town

Fully Vegan Restaurants

Plant  (Some food is incredible, some bland.  For coeliacs, ask to see the ingredient list on their gluten-free bread.  I was given Essene bread as gluten-free twice and got very sick.  Other than that, their waiters know exactly which meals/desserts are gluten-free. I highly recommend the nachos and mushroom burger!)

The Natural Way Cafe  (vegan and gluten free buffet to die for with an amazing shop with vegan/gluten free pies/cooked frozen meals&treats)  highly recommended

Shala Cafe

Masala Dosa   (They are not a fully vegan restaurant but they have a separate vegan menu – highly recommended  the owner is vegan and the food is mouthwatering from starters to dessert!)

The Hungry Herbivore  (Fully vegan and gluten-free.  Famous for their raw pizza slices and decadent raw cakes)

Raw and Roxy (Gourmet raw vegan food.  The best lasagne (AND FULLY RAW!) I have ever had!)


Meat-Serving Restaurants that Cater for Vegans

Royale Eatery (several amazing vegan burger options with wheat free rolls too – highly recommended)

Organic at Heart  (many vegan and raw options with great dessertshighly recommended. Service is slow but food is good.)

Indian Food Inn  (Cheap selection of some naturally vegan Indian food and falafel)

Eastern Food Bazaar (Cheap selection of some naturally vegan Indian food)

Maharajah Take Aways (Great Northern Indian cuisine in a cafeteria type setting.  Unpretentious, cheap and super yummy)

Saigon  (delicious vietnamese food with vegan options)

Planet Restaurant, Mount Nelson Hotel (Call ahead – they have an amazing vegan tasting menu that can be made gluten free on request – HIGHLY recommended)

Simply Asia  (all vegetarian items are vegan)

Dear Me  (clearly labelled vegan options, home-made almond milk too – great for breakfast)

Addis in Cape (many vegan options – A MUST do in Cape Town.)

Galbi  (highly recommended!! You braai your food in the centre of your table!)

Call a Pizza  (Eat in/take-away/delivery – they have GF pizzas, great vegan options with faux meats and vegan cheese!)

Knead Bakery  (They have a ton of vegan and gluten-free options.  They have gluten-free pizza and bread.  They even have a vegan bircher’s muesli option for breakfast!  Good prices and a nice atmosphere for a relaxed breakfast/lunch/supper.  They stock soya milk too. Recommended.)

Little Ethiopia  (Delicious food – all vegetarian dishes are prepared vegan.  Very cheap and authentic for a casual lunch/supper – recommended)

Madame Taitou (One of my favourite places in Cape Town – the best Ethiopian vegan platter in Cape Town!)


Restaurants where food can easily be adapted to be vegan

La Boheme (Best to call ahead – chef will accommodate you for delicious 3 course meal.)

Col’cacchio  (GF pizza and pasta – ask for no cheese)

Spur (soya burgers available – very bland but OK if desperate)

Da Vinci’s on Kloof (GF pizza and pasta)

El Burro  (GF corn tortillas – the waiters are very “vegan educated”.  I love the “build your own” – just ask them to veganise it)

Active Sushi  (Most of the vegan sushi in South African restaurants is EXTREMELY boring – cucumber/avo/carrot…They have the most exciting vegan sushi that I have had in a Cape Town restaurant.  They use peppers, tofu….Just obviously ask for no mayo)

Empire Asia (Also their vegetarian sushi menu is not nearly as creative as that of Active Sushi, their sushi is prepared so well and tasted so good that this is my favourite sushi spot in Cape Town.  The chef is more than happy to make it without mayo)

Balducci’s (delicious gluten-free pizzas)

Primi Piatti (Most branches stock gluten-free pizzas bases and pasta.  Call in advance to confirm availability.)


Osumo  (Many dishes can be modified to be vegan by omitting cheese.  GF noodles available.  Try the Spicy butternut with rice noodles.)


Crush (clearly labelled vegan items)


Coffee Shops that stock Soya Milk

Vide e Cafe

Seattle Coffee


Dear Me  (home-made almond milk too)


Knead Bakery


Ice Cream/Sorbet/Gelato

Gelato Mania (lemon, strawberry and mango sorbets are VERY creamy and vegan)












5 Comments on Cape Town

  1. Janine
    February 20, 2014 at 6:47 pm (6 years ago)

    Cold Gold in Stellenbosch makes vegan and gluten free organic ice cream (you choose the type of homemade milk, natural flavour and sweetener) and sorbet. They also stock gluten free bread and pizza bases. Check out

    • talitaseegers
      February 21, 2014 at 12:22 pm (6 years ago)

      wow!Thanks for that! Going to check it out right now:)

  2. Amy
    November 26, 2015 at 2:53 pm (4 years ago)

    Hi Drtgoesvegan 🙂
    Please could The Hungry Herbivore be added to your list.
    We are 100% vegan and don’t use any processed ingredients keeping our food and desserts as clean as possible but without sacrificing flavour. )

    • talitaseegers
      December 2, 2015 at 10:28 am (4 years ago)

      Hi Amy

      Absolutely! I actually follow you on instagram and have been meaning to visit your stall (just haven’t been to the Waterfront in a while). It simply slipped my mind – sorry for that and thank you for the reminder. It has been added!

      Keep up the good work!
      Dr T

  3. Jessica Berry
    January 26, 2018 at 6:07 am (2 years ago)

    Please can you add Jessy’s Waffles to the list.
    Our menu is 90% Vegan and Gluten Free


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