Refreshing Watermelon Sorbet

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Only 2 ingredients…

REFRESHING WATERMELON SORBETQuick, easy, fat free, healthy, vegan, sugar free and takes only 5 minutes to make!  It will take you as long to make this as what it took you to read this blog post:)

IMG_3832Maybe quicker…


  • frozen watermelon (I used about 1.5 cups for 2 people)
  • honey/agave/maple syrup


Remove rind and pips from watermelon and place watermelon in a ziplock bag or plastic container in the freezer.  Once frozen, pop frozen watermelon into your food processor and start pulsing.  Scrape down as needed.  Once the watermelon is broken up, pour desired amount of sweetener to taste while processing.  When it reaches sorbet stage, stop processing, taste and if sweet enough – serve immediately.  I scooped it with an ice cream scooper and quicky made a ball shape with my hands before popping it onto cones:)

If you over process it and it is too runny, you have 3 other options so don’t despair!

  1. Put it back in the freezer until frozen and start over!
  2. Take the slush and pour it into a fancy martini glass or pretty glass of some sort and serve with a little spoon.
  3. Add almond milk or coconut milk (or whatever your preferred milk is) and blitz some more to make a creamy watermelon slushy!  Drink with a straw for a delicious refreshing drink.

Eat up!
Dr T

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