Quick Healthy No-Bake Sugar-Free Oat Crunchie Bars

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IMG_8676You just MUST try this recipe!  Malcolm, my gorgeous hubby, is trying to eat healthier.  But like me, he has a sweet tooth and likes nice sweet bars/biscuits with coffee/tea as snacks.  For the past 9 years of our marriage, I have been making him my usual oat crunchie recipe.  It is a very good recipe, but full of butter and sugar…..


I was delighted to find this recipe which is vegan, super quick to make and uses coconut oil instead of butter!  Coconut oil is the only plant source that contains a load of saturated fat.  The saturated fat from coconut oil, however, is not the same as the artery clogging saturated fat that you find in animal products.  Coconut oil contains a special kind of fat called medium chain triglycerides which do not have the same harmful effects – quite the contrary!  Research is showing many benefits to the consumption of this oil to the point where it is now viewed as a superfood!

IMG_8673Play around with this recipe by substituting vegan chocolate chips or other dried/glazed fruit/chopped dates into the mixture instead of cranberries.  For strict vegans who do not eat honey, substitute honey with agave syrup.

Go now! Make some!
Dr T

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