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20131125-193840.jpgBeautiful, bright pink ice cream with all the taste minus the unhealthy fats and artificial junk found in most ice creams.  Best of all – it took me 5 minutes in a food processor and voila!


  • 1,5 ripe bananas, cut into thirds and frozen (I always have a large bag of frozen banana pieces in my freezer)
  • 1.5 cup of ripe strawberries, frozen (wash and chop off the stems before placing them in a bag in the freezer)
  • liquid sweetener to taste (In this batch, I didn’t use any sweetener as the fruit was sweet enough.  Sometimes the strawberries are not sweet enough though, so in that case, use agave syrup, honey, maple syrup or stevia)
  • Just enough dairy-free milk to aid processing (I use almond, but rice/soya or coconut milk will work wonderfully too)


Put all frozen fruit into your food processor and pulse until broken up.  Keep scraping down and pulsing.  Once fruit is broken into small pieces, turn on the food processor and as the blades are turning, pour in 1/4 cup milk and keep processing.  Scrape down in between to make sure it all gets processed.  After a while, add your sweetener and another 1/4 cup milk and keep processing.  Keep doing this until your mixture turns into perfect ice cream texture.  If you add too much liquid at once, it will turn into soft serve texture, so add milk slowly and rather process a bit longer.  Serve and enjoy!

Left over ice cream can be stored in the freezer.  It does freeze into a solid block though so allow it to thaw a bit before eating or pop it into the microwave until it reaches the desired texture.

I want some now!
Dr T



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