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IMG_3982I’ve been buying these amazing chocolate date balls from a local shop.  Only 2 ingredients – dates and 100% chocolate.  They clearly put the dates in a food processor first to make a pulp, then roll the pulp into balls and then coat that in chocolate.  They are rather pricey considering that the recipe is so super simple so I came up with this!  Deliciousness itself:)

If you are a chocolate purist like me, you will love using 100% chocolate.  I eat raw cocao beans with just a touch of honey all the time.  For those of you who are more into milk or mellow dark chocolate (like 40-55% dark), perhaps then consider adding a bit of agave to the melted cacao paste to sweeten it up a bit.  Alternatively, you could melt your favourite plain chocolate bar and use that instead.


  • medjool dates
  • cacao paste (100% chocolate) – See note above for alternatives
  • little wooden sticks

Firstly, place a silicone baking pan/mat in your freezer.  Then, melt the cacao paste in a double boiler.  While it is melting, make a small slit at the base of the date and extract the pip.  I used a tweezers for this.  Then shove the stick into the date and squish the date firmly around it to secure it.  When the cacao is melted, holding the date on a stick over the bowl of chocolate, carefully spoon the chocolate over the date so that it is entirely covered.  Carefully place the date on a stick on top of the silicone in your freezer.  The chocolate will set in a few minutes (about 5) at which point you can remove the date on a stick and store it in the fridge.

I like to make a big batch and store it in a sealed container in my fridge for when the need arises;)

Dr T

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