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Post-workout: Pea protein shake

protein shake

Breakfast Very berry ice cream sunday

ice cream

Lunch:   Besan dosa wrap with lentil patty, guacamole, sweet chilli sauce, tomato, grilled pineapple and gherkin

roll(I actually forgot to take a photo of this wrap so I just inserted the pic of tomorrows wrap here so you get an idea of what it was)

Container of meditteranean roast vegetables (forgot to take a pic)

Snack:  fresh cherries dipped in left over chocolate sauce from this morning:)

Sweet potato brownie batter…soooo good…

Supper:  Forgot to take pics as I was at a party, but I had a sweet potato falafel burger with guacamole, gherkin, tomato, sweet chilli sauce and a sweet potato brownie

Snack:  handful of fresh cherries


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