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My Natural Facial Moisturiser

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IMG_8610As mentioned before, I have a very dry skin and have therefore used a very nourishing day cream, night cream and eye cream for years.  When I decided to go all hippy with my cosmetics, I was terrified…A woman’s face is so important – you don’t want to get wrinkles prematurely or get a yucky texture to your skin or get an acne outbreak!  I did some research and decided to give 100% pure organic Moroccan argon oil a try.  What a good move!  After washing my face, I dab it partially dry with a tissue.  I leave a drop of water here and there, then massage the argon oil into my skin.  I use 3 drops per cheek, one drop for my chin, nose and under eye area and 3 drops for my forehead.  My skin has never been better!  My skin never feels tight anymore…I don’t shine anymore!  I used to use a translucent powder to prevent me from “glowing” excessively, but since using the argon oil – I’ve stopped having to use it!  In the 3 months that I have been using it, I generally don’t even get a PMS zit:)

My sister-in-law has a very oily skin and the products that usually work for me and her are completely different.  Interestingly, she has started using argon oil on her face too and she loves it – it suits her oily skin too.

Whether argon oil will suit your skin – I don’t know, but I definitely suggest you give it a try.  It is a bit pricey, but considering that one bottle will replace your day, night and eye cream – you will probably end up saving in the end.  A little bottle also lasts quite long as you use very little.  If your skin is not as dry as mine, you will need to use even less than I do and it will last you even longer.

And lets say that – worst case scenario – you don’t like how it feels on your skin, you can use it on your hair as a treatment (works incredibly well), on your cuticles to make them super soft or you can even drizzle it over your favourite salad for some superfood nutrition!

Now that’s what I call a good product
Dr T


DIY Daily Coconut Moisturiser for Feet

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I use this for my feet daily and it has done miracles!  Initially I tried using it as a moisturiser for my whole body (except my face), but I have a very dry skin and the coconut oil alone doesn’t do the trick.  I am currently trying out a body butter recipe that I made and will post it if I see it works well as a general, whole body moisturiser.  After having said that, TONS of people swear by coconut oil as their sole moisturiser.  Bear in mind that we all have different skin types and we also live in different environments with different water, humidity, temperatures etc.  Play around until you find what works best for you.


  • coconut oil

IMG_4519I use this one as it is unrefined.  I LOVE the smell of coconut so I enjoy the aroma as it melts into my skin.  Surprisingly, the aroma doesn’t last longer than a few minutes so it does not leave you smelling like a coconut all day long;)

For those who do not like the smell of coconut, you can buy odorless coconut oil.  It is also cheaper than this one and will work just the same on your skin.  You could even use the odorless coconut oil and add a few drops of your favourite essential oil for a nice scent.  You could also add some vanilla powder/extract for a vanilla fragrance.  Play around and make it your own.


The coconut oil must start off solid.  If it is really hot where you live and the oil is in its liquid state, pop it into the fridge for a few minutes for it to solidify.  Now, scoop out some solid oil into a bowl and beat with an electric beater for a few minutes.  The oil will turn into a white foamy cream that resembles whipped egg whites.  Keep beating until you have a cream that forms stiff peaks.  Scoop into a glass jar and enjoy.

In cold weather, it does firm up to a degree, but it is still easy enough to use – it doesn’t become solid like it does in its unwhipped state.  This is it in its firm state in cold weather:

IMG_4512IMG_4515IMG_4517It leaves your skin with a slightly oily glow for only 2-3 minutes.  So don’t worry – give it 5 minutes max and it will all be soaked up into your skin so that you are ready to get dressed.  If there is still excess oil on your skin after 5 minutes – you have used more than you require.  I use quite a bit as I have a very dry skin.  Obviously, for an oilier skin, much less will be needed.

I will be posting more recipes for my other body products so watch this space!
Dr T